Veterans Disability

Our veterans, our heroes and sheroes, who have served and continue to serve to protect our country deserve the best care our nation can offer. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked and underserved. 

Pickford Law represents individuals who have filed for service-connected disability from the Veterans Administration (VA) and those wishing to obtain increases in the percentage of their service-connected compensation and been denied. We also help surviving spouses appeal the denial of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits.

A successful veterans disability appeal must meet the following:

  • A current diagnosis of a medical condition; 
  • An in-service event, illness, or injury;
  • A nexus, or link, between your medical diagnosis and the in-service event, illness, or injury.

Should you meet all of the above criteria and service connection disability is granted, compensation is provided based on the severity of the disability. The VA will rate your disability on a scale of 0 to 100 percent in 10-percent increments. The more disabling your condition, the higher your rating.

The VA also offers a pension for non-service-connected war-time veterans. VA Pension is for certain disabled veterans whose conditions are not service-related, but who are in financial need or over 65 and served during the war.

Pickford Law’s core mission is to obtain the veteran disability benefits you deserve from the Veterans Administration. After all, you have served and protected our great nation!

If you need help appealing a denial for VA disability benefits, call us today at 901-424-1920.

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